It’s over. Mercilfully, we don’t have to watch any more Boston victories. I got a bad feeling with the fiasco over the ticket sales. Like bad karma settled in. That changed to a sinking feeling after the first game. I don’t know a lot about baseball but the Red Sox just seemed to play better baseball. The Rockies didn’t field well and they couldn’t hit the ball. It was like watching amateurs compared to how they played against Arizona in the playoffs.

All the hoopla. All the merchandising. All the hours spent watching baseball the past few weeks. Was it worth it?

My answer is “absolutely.” Getting to the World Series is a huge accomplishment for any team. The Rockies brought the city together. They made baseball watchers out of tens of thousands who never cared to watch before. Thanks to their performance this season, there will be much more attention paid to them and Denver next year.

The Rockies deserve to feel good. And so do we.