I think all of Colorado was looking forward to receiving victims of the Katrina disaster. Here’s the latest on why the flights into Buckley and other states were canceled yesterday:

An airlift to other states had been expected to begin under the direction of the Texas National Guard. However, the Federal Emergency Management Agency took over the operation on Sunday and planes never took off. It was unclear when any flights might actually leave and there was no explanation for the delay. There was no immediate response Tuesday morning to a call seeking comment from FEMA’s Public Affairs Office in Washington. FEMA spokesman Dean Cushman said Monday: “We are not coordinating it as of right now.” The state airlift plans were still in place and could be executed if needed, the governor said. “We’re ready when they are,” Perry said.

This is simply puzzling. Texas says they have reached their limit on the number of evacuees they can accomodate. People in the astrodome are dazed. This is just another sign of the feds’ ineptitude in handling the disaster.