Ferdinand Marcos, the late dictator of the Philippines, was deposed in 1986 before fleeing to Hawaii, where he lived for several years before his death in 1989. But the island state wasn’t the only place in the United States where Marcos held property. He has been linked this week to thousands of acres in Colorado and Texas, after a U.S. court awarded victims of human rights abuses under Marcos’ regime $7.5 million, attorney Rod Domingo tells Reuters. And claimants are pursuing other assets worth tens of million in other courts. “This is a compromise agreement between the victims and the people handling the Marcos assets in the United States,” Domingo adds. “The government and the Marcoses’ heirs are not contesting the deal.”

Three corporations created by Marcos cronies own 4,500 acres of land in Texas and Colorado, reports the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Alan Meeker made the discovery that the properties were purchased with Marcos’ money while researching land acquisitions for his international private equity fund. The Texas properties produce natural gas, and the Colorado land is located near an unnamed national park. Meeker was able to obtain a signed statement from Marcos’ widow, Imelda, admitting the properties were purchased with Marcos’ money. The thousands of family beneficiaries, who are expected to receive at least $1,000 each, suffered torture, summary executions, and disappearances.