Sorry to point out the totally obvious, but it’s hot. I’m looking for ways to beat the heat. One of my faves — get the hell outta Dodge (yeah, OK, Denver then) and head for the hills.

Tonight up at Red Rocks, the Film on the Rocks series continues with Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, along with the white -boy funk of local band Opie Gone Bad. Next week it’s Shrek 2, and every Tuesday (except July 5) a new music-and-movie duo takes the stage.

And yes, there is the very good chance that one of these lovely June thunderstorms will be rolling through. Won’t stop me, though. I’ll just skip the mascara and bring a warm blanket to roll up in if I get chilly. (Doesn’t the prospect of getting chilly sound divine right now? I swear someday I’m going to give in and get central air installed.)

Anyhoo. Details at And at only $10 a pop on the day of the show – $8 advance through King Soopers stores – this is the cheapest way to see a show at Red Rocks all summer.

As the ever-annoying Miss Hilton would say, that’s hot.