When the pandemic hit, singles across Denver doubled down on virtual dates, sliding even harder into DMs to ease the pain of isolation. Now as lovers across the metro area re-emerge with vaccine cards in hand, they will find a slightly altered dating scene with new rules of engagement and lingo (*explanations denoted below) to reflect the After Times. Luckily, our wingwomen and -men at OkCupid and Bumble have the details that will ready you for post-Rona romance.

~ 1 in 4: Denverites on OkCupid who said their ideal socially distanced date was a picnic. In other words, it’s time to swap dinner and a movie for a basket and blanket.

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82%: Denver daters on OkCupid who think it’s important to have an emotional connection before a physical one. Just don’t go apocalypsing* the first person you meet. There’s no need to go from Zoom to groom in a single date.

> ½: Daters on Bumble who are taking longer to move a match offline. Welcome to the world of slow dating*, my friend. Think of it as extra time to spot the red flags. Fewer frogs, more princes.

46%: Bumble users who prefer that first dates happen over a video call rather than in person. So keep your Zoom account paid and opt for Hide Self View to avoid Zoomlandering* your date.

59%: OkCupid users in Denver who said they enjoyed phone sex during the lockdown. Was it good for you too?

47%: Women on OkCupid in Denver who said coronavirus immunity was a bigger turn-on than unlimited wealth. If you skip the vaccine, prepare to be Fauci’d*.

¼: The share of Bumble users in the United States likely to be new dawn daters* after the pandemic. So, to all you heartbreakers out there, be gentle.

After Times Love Lingo

1. Apocalypsing
Treating your relationship like it’s your last (even though it’s not) by getting way too serious way too soon. (See “new dawn daters.”)

2. Slow-date
To take one’s time moving your budding love interest offline.

3. Zoomlandering
When a Zoom date pulls a Derek Zoolander, mugging for the camera instead of the person they’re on a date with.

4. Fauci’ing
Saying no to potential dates if you’re unsure of their belief in science or respect for COVID-19 safety protocols.

5. New dawn daters
Newly single persons whose relationships suffered a pandemic collapse, along with the global economy.