As the snarky blog Gawker has noted, “A Nation Sighs as Obama Puppy Crisis Finally Ends.” But is it really over? Indeed, President Obama’s daughters have received, as promised, a puppy (with political bonus points; it’s a gift from Senator Teddy Kennedy) but the pooch, named “Bo,” is from a breeder in Texas, as The Associated Press reports.

That has animal rights groups across the nation, including Colorado, hopping mad, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette, which writes that activists with Colorado Springs-based National Mill Dog Rescue think Obama should have reached out to a pup desperately in need of a good home rather than encourage a breeding industry that is often out of control.

Even owners of Portuguese water dogs, Bo’s breed, worry that the new First Dog will spark “101 Dalmatians” syndrome, becoming trendy and triggering a spate of extra breeding and adoptions that end on doggie death rows in crowded shelters across the nation.

Meanwhile, the Christian Science Monitor wants to know whether Obama considered, even for a nanosecond, a robotic dog.