The first airplane of Hurricane Katrina survivors arrived in Colorado today. I watched them on the news, as they expressed their gratitude. One man said he has been treated “like a prince” since he arrived. All those interviewed described their experience in New Orleans as “hell.” 500 dorm rooms at Lowry Air Force Base will temporarily house the displaced persons. For the first time in a week these people will sleep on beds and have access to bathrooms and showers. They have all been provided toiletry kits and fresh clothing. Gov. Bill Owens says that all of them will be provided assistance for job and school placement, as well as professional training. They also are welcome to remain in Colorado.

“We’ll give them job placement, give them professional training, so that they are prepared when they go back, go elsewhere, or stay here,” Owens said. “We’re doing what we can as good people.”

It’s a night to be very proud of Colorado.