17% of Colorado vote is in, Salazar is ahead, 51 to 48%.

Huge numbers of people at the Democratic headquarters party at the downtown Marriott. The crowd is way past capacity. Fire marshals are trying to find solutions, like having the Marriott open up more rooms.

This is a Colorado crowd. The attention is on Salazar and local races. Kerry is not that much an issue. No candidates are around yet…must be in their hotel suites watching the returns.

I’m told there is more press at the Democratic headquarters than Republican. Fox News doesn’t even have a crew there. Inference: The networks think Salazar is going to win.

One other interesting media note. There are two huge main TV screens in the central room, both tuned to CNN. There is a a smaller screen off to the side, tuned to MSNBC. Even further to the side is a TV set size screen tuned to Fox News. I wonder who picked the channels?