A River Runs Through It is about a family connecting through fly-fishing—minus the mom. Mrs. Maclean always seemed to be too intimidated to invite herself along. That trepidation was April Archer’s inspiration for starting SaraBella Fishing, a Colorado company that markets fly-fishing rods to females in particular. “Not all women feel comfortable in a masculine fly-fishing shop,” says Archer, who founded SaraBella in 2014. SaraBella’s rods—including the Signature Teal model (pictured; reel sold separately) that debuted last month—are handcrafted in Colorado from carbon-fiber graphite and five types of wood. Unlike most of SaraBella’s rods, which are custom jobs, production of the Signature Teal is standardized so Archer can offer it at a lower price ($350). In addition, Archer frequently hosts parties to teach aspiring female fly-fishers how to cast correctly. (Check the website for this month’s outing.) The revelry includes games, like casting at targets, and typically some beer and wine because, after all, the first rule of fishing is to use the correct lure.