In Colorado, it’s not uncommon to spot a dedicated runner out for an evening jog—in sub-freezing temperatures. While questions of their sanity may immediately arise, some Coloradans would just rather brave the cold then canter away monotonously on a treadmill to fulfill their daily running mileage goals.

For those of you with the “outdoor-or-nothing” credo, below are some running gear essentials that will help keep you warm during your heart-pounding workout, even when the weather outside is anything but.


Proper insulation and garments with moisture-wicking outer layers are a must when running in the snowy winter months, as wet clothing can increase the risk of hypothermia or frostbite. Marmont’s Fusion Jacket, $150, has extra insulation in areas more susceptible to chills (the chest and shoulders), while The North Face’s Winter Warm Tight, $85, is fleece-lined with a slick exterior that sheds snow.


Having the right running accessories is all the more important when the mercury drops. Nike’s Thermal Tech Run Glove, $24.99, is water resistant, with a cozy fleece interior and touch-screen compatible thumbs that don’t make you sacrifice warmth when you need to adjust your tunes. When the temperatures really plummet, wearing a balaclava, like the Asics Thermopolis LT Hood, $24.99, will warm and humidify the air you breath in and reduce the risk of cold-induced asthma.


After layering up, take a final look down to make sure you have the right footwear for a jaunt in the cold and snow. Shoes with sturdy, hydrophobic uppers are better for winter runs than those with porous mesh, as they protect against any snow or wind that may seep in some lighter-weight sneakers. The Salomon S-Lab Fellcross trail shoe, $170, has all of the features listed above, along with lugs that help grip in slippery conditions and EVA foam cushioning that won’t lose its shock-absorption in the cold.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.