Summer is here, which means besides stocking up on sunscreen and digging out your bathing suit, it is time to update your phone or tablet with season-appropriate apps. Regardless of where your summer vacation or weekend adventures take you, these five are sure to help you maximize the lazy—or not so lazy—days of summer.


Android and iOS; Free

Track, share and explore trails and routes. Everytrail lets you connect with other explores to find new routes to hike, bike, ski, run or sail. Plot a trip and share photos and videos right on the map, Facebook, or Twitter. Bonus: On some popular trails there are audio guides pointing out fun facts and other bits of information.


Android and iOS; Free

Get help packing for your upcoming trips with Stow. The app creates a customizable template based on activity–business trip, camping, beach vacation, etc.– to make sure you bring only what you need and don’t forget anything. Check items off as you go or sort by packed, not packed, or all items. Bonus: Upgrade to Stow Premier and the app will import your itinerary from Tripit (including the weather forecast).

Camera +

Android and iOS; $1.99

Whether you are a novice shooter or an experienced photographer, Camera + will help capture the best summertime memories. With a clarity filter and 6x zoom capability, this summer’s outings are sure to make your Instagram feed. Bonus: Camera + has captions, so go ahead and add some text.

Water Your Body

Android and iOS; $.99

Don’t fall victim to dehydration this summer, which is easy to do in Colorado’s sweltering temps. Enter your weight and Water Your Body not only tells you how much water you need to drink, it will ping you with a reminder to chug or sip. Bonus: The app tracks in both ounces and milliliters in case you pop out of country.


Android and iOS; $2.99

Avoid sunburns this season by using the sun alert app Nevus. It will calculate how often you need to reapply sunscreen based on activity, UV index, and body part. Bonus: Nevus has a board-certified dermatologist to answer any questions related to skincare.