Terry Nichols, who was convicted of conspiracy in the Oklahoma City bombing, has filed a lawsuit over the food he’s being served at the federal Supermax prison in Florence. “Since becoming a Christian in June 1996 my sincerely held religious belief is that God created mankind to consume grains, fruits and vegetables in their whole unrefined natural state, with insoluble fiber intact,” states Nichols, who unlike Timothy McVeigh, was spared from the death penalty in 1998 when a jury deadlocked, CBS4 points out. While it’s still a highly controversial topic, suspected terrorists just might be coming to Supermax when the Guantanamo Bay detention center is shut down, bringing particular religious needs. A column by Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell in The Washington Post argues that conditions are practically peachy at Gitmo. Meanwhile, in Pueblo, prospective inmates and witnesses appear to be getting a bit too comfortable, wearing pajamas to court, according to the Chieftain.