Food Lover’s Book Club is a bimonthly discussion of a cookbook or food-related book led by 5280‘s food editor Amanda M. Faison. The free gathering takes place at the Ross-Cherry Creek Library.

Ramen is more than just a food, it’s also an obsession steeped in rich stock and chewy noodles. For that we can largely thank New York City chef David Chang and his Momofuku empire. Chang’s restaurants are far from traditional: He’s a Korean-American chef whose eateries have Japanese names and serve what he characterizes as both decidedly “American” and “bad pseudo-fusion cuisine.” Momofuku is also not a ramen shop per se, but an eatery that dishes up pork buns, a variety of noodles (including ramen), and dumplings that are explosive in flavor and creativity. And yet, in 2003, it was Momofuku that touched off the ramen craze that continues to sweep the country,

As to why I selected the Momofuku cookbook over other more topic-expounding titles? The restaurant sparked a new generation of cooking, launched an unlikely culinary hero, and has even made its mark in Denver. Johnny DePierro, the executive chef of Bones and co-owner of MiJo, declares the book life-changing.

Join DePierro and I on Wednesday, December 16, at the Ross-Cherry Creek Library for an in-depth discussion of ramen, the force that is Momofuku, and the power of food. In the coming days, check out the book, cook from its pages, and come ready to discuss. Bonus: Ramen for all!

Next up: On Wednesday, February 10, Karin and Rob Lawler of the Truffle Cheese Shop will join me to explore the expansive world of cheese. The chosen book is The Cheesemonger’s Kitchen by Chester Hastings. The book demonstrates that the appeal of artisan cheese extends far beyond the charcuterie plate. Check out the cookbook from the library, buy it at the Tattered Cover, cook from it, and come ready to discuss.

Free, 6 p.m., Ross-Cherry Creek Branch Library, 305 Milwaukee St., 720-865-0120

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Amanda M. Faison
Amanda M. Faison
Freelance writer Amanda M. Faison spent 20 years at 5280 Magazine, 12 of those as Food Editor.