It’s that time of year again. I am officially a football widow now. Yesterday, I got ditched for the Broncos, tonight it’s the weekly ditch factor that is Monday Night Football. I try to like football, I really do. But it’s never really taken root in my repertoire of favored recreational activities. Granted, if there is a party involved, with tasty adult beverages, salty snacks, and lots of energy, I can get caught up in the moment. I’ve even been known to cheer, groan, and celebrate (or sulk, depending). Still. In my heart, I know I’m a fake, a social viewer, and a fair-weather fan.

On the bright side, I do know when I am outnumbered, so here’s a heads up for you die-hard football fans out there. Champ Bailey and Javon Walker will be in Westminster this Saturday to sign autographs. Bring your jersey, helmet, football, or whatever to the Westminster Mall’s Denver Autographs store between 12:30 and 1:30 p.m. to meet the players and line up for autographs. Just be prepared to pay up; the going rate for Bailey is $33 for an autograph or $40 to sign a “premium item” (jersey, helmet, etc.), and Walker gets $30 and $35 for the same. They’ll offer $5 off if you pay in advance by Tuesday, September 12. Need more info? Check out the site.

I’m thinking that this could be a good time to get an early start on my holiday shopping. I’ll bet I could rack up some huge bonus points for supporting hubby’s favorite sports obsession in a way that I can relate to: at the shopping mall.