Adam Foote may have been the only reason to watch the Colorado Avalanche as they closed out the worst season in franchise history, but the fans who did were rewarded with a 4-3 overtime win (Mile High Hockey). Before taking the ice for the final game of his 19-year professional career, Foote told reporters he was grateful for one last opportunity to play at the Pepsi Center and that he and his family will remain in Colorado (Denver Post). “I feel there’s a special bond here. Colorado for us is home,” he says.

He’ll have plenty of time to watch the Avs try to come back from the unmitigated disaster of the 2010-11 season (30-44-8), a process that likely won’t be completed in a single off-season. The team needs a real goaltender, better wingers, and improved defensemen (Denver Post).

For now, it’s easier to focus on what little good there is about this team, which is the positive legacy Foote leaves behind. “He’s been a huge mentor,” Avs star Matt Duchene says (Fox News). “I’m thankful for what he’s brought to me. It’s amazing to be able to experience and be a part of a great career like that, having him as almost a family member, as an uncle figure.”