I’ve long been a convert to natural peanut butter made without additional oils or sugars. But the natural stuff separates, and once the oils are mixed in and its refrigerated, spreadability can be an issue.

That’s why I was thrilled to learn about Rocky Mountain Peanut Butter. The Durango company’s 100 percent natural butters are made with sweet Valencia peanuts and—even better—are created with a coarse grind so the oils don’t separate. This means the butter spreads easily and evenly regardless of whether you’ve just opened the jar or are polishing it off.

Rocky Mountain offers three varieties: original, honey-cinnamon, and a nicely spicy Western zest version made with cayenne pepper. (Sounds odd, but it’s delicious, especially when paired with sweet jam.) For a gourmet peanut-butter-and-jelly treat, combine one of the company’s blends with a thick, organic fruit confiture from High Desert Foods or one of the many organic fruit jams and jellies from Colorado Mountain Jam.

Products from all three companies can be ordered online.