We knew Kathleen Folden didn’t like Enrique Chagoya’s religious-themed lithograph hanging at the Loveland Museum last year—after all, she violently defaced it—but we didn’t know her exact motivation. Folden has since documented her views, in detail, on her website, givegodlove.com, which portends that the rapture might well take place this May 14 (Fort Collins Coloradoan). “My knees were unsteady and I asked God if I was indeed the right person for the job,” Folden writes of the incident in Loveland. “I put on the ‘Tougher Than Nails’ T-shirt to draw strength from Jesus and to feel his nearness.”

Folden recently pleaded guilty to criminal mischief in the case, avoiding prison, but she’s required to seek mental health counseling and received 18 months of unsupervised probation (Reporter-Herald). Her Denver-based attorney picked up her tab for restitution, which was less than prosecutors had sought. Meanwhile, Loveland artist Jonathan Wiggins has formed an unlikely friendship with Chagoya, who’s contributing a painting to the church where Wiggins is pastor (Bay Citizen).