The Denver Broncos training camp doesn’t officially start until Friday, but there’s been plenty going on since the rookies and veterans coming off injuries have been in town. The biggest news yesterday came from the Baltimore Ravens, who are reportedly interested in pursuing disgruntled Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall (via Yahoo! Sports). But the Ravens, who are dealing with their own topsy-turvy wide receiver situation, “aren’t likely” to pull the deal off.

Regardless, the topic is still relevant here in Denver, because the other Marshall-related news of the day—the fact that he missed a second-straight day of practice due to “soreness” (via The Denver Post)—isn’t that big of a deal. The guy is coming off hip surgery, after all.

As for the players who aren’t trying to leave town, the Vail Daily reports that rookie cornerback Alphonso Smith is shaping up to be a guy who can act as defensive back, kick returner, and a punt blocker. Let’s hope so, because the Broncos need help in all three areas.

Meanwhile, quarterback Kyle Orton is coming into training camp as the definitive starter, The Associated Press points out, something he hasn’t done since his college days at Purdue. Broncos fans are waiting to see how Orton compares to rocket-armed Jay Cutler. “Orton doesn’t have the arm of Cutler,” writes the AP. “Nor the petulant personality.”