The recent Sports Illustrated cover story in which former NFL agent Josh Luchs confesses to violating NCAA rules in order to woo college players has one former University of Colorado teammate in heavy denial mode and another nearly apoplectic over the allegations. Luchs implicates Khanavis McGhee of taking $2,500 from him in 1990, an accusation McGhee vehemently denies in talks with Denver media: “To me it was comical because it was so far from the truth. I discredit any of it. It was shocking” (via The Denver Post).

Despite his rebuttal, McGhee says he will formally apologize to CU for any harm the school faces over the story, a curious route to take if he has no clue what Luchs is talking about. The NCAA has no plans to punish CU in the wake of the allegations, unless it becomes clear that the school knew what was going on and didn’t do anything to stop it.

McGhee has the support of at least one former teammate, former CU star and current drive-time radio talker Alfred Williams, a recent inductee into the College Football Hall of Fame. Williams hosted George Dohrmann, who authored the Sports Illustrated article, on his show yesterday, with Williams heatedly defending McGhee. “You know what you are? You are a liar, sir, that’s what you are,” Williams told Dohrmann during the on-air interview (audio link via

Regardless of who’s right, Denver-based NFL agent Peter Schaffer thinks college players need more education on the dos and don’ts of agent interaction, and the Post’s John Henderson agrees.