Herve Alain Jardonnet, the former principal of the Denver International School, was arrested earlier this week by federal officers at Denver International Airport after arriving from London, accused of raping a girl repeatedly several years ago, starting around the time the girl was 11 years old. Jardonnet, a 45-year-old French citizen who appeared in court yesterday to be advised of a long list of charges, including five counts of sexual assault on a child, was responsible for the care of the girl, now 16, writes The Denver Post. The girl told investigators Jardonnet drank and she would try to fight off his advances, but he was too big and even used a knife, telling the girl she was “worthless and would not amount to much in life.” Jardonnet is being held on $1 million in bail, reports 7News. Jardonnet’s role in the girl’s family is unclear in news reports, but the girl says she feared telling her mother and sister about the incidents because she didn’t think they would believe her and because Jardonnet threated to rape her sister, too. Jardonnet, now principal of a school in Spain, served as both principal and a math teacher at the multilingual Denver International School.