Did anyone watch the new ABC comedy “Carpoolers” last night? One of the lead roles is played by former local T.J. Miller, son of Denver attorney J.Kent Miller and Leslie Miller.

I carpooled T.J. for years. He was always the comic of the group. After college, he moved to Chicago where he became a stand-up comedian and a part of Second City.

“Carpoolers” is about four suburban men who ride in a carpool. T.J. plays Marmaduke, the slacker son of one of them. He’s very funny. In just about every scene, he’s jumping around in his underpants. His facial expressions are perfect.

While the show is a little silly on the whole, it’s only 30 minutes and there are some laughs. It’s definitely worth watching for T.J., so if you missed it last night, give it a try next week. It airs at 7:30 pm, right before Dancing With the Stars.

T.J.’s My Space page is here. From today’s comments, his friends loved the show. More on T.J. here and here.

Congrats, T.J.