There’s always been tension between Greeley and Fort Collins, highlighting the worst stereotypes. People in Greeley are lower-class cowhands; people in Fort Collins are snooty. And so on. The latest dust-up came when brothers Jason and Shane Jackson of Greeley went for a night on the town in Fort Fun, hitting Washington’s Sports Bar and Grill, according to the Greeley Tribune. Once at the door, they were turned away by a bouncer, citing problems with gang members from Greeley and Evans. The Jacksons are far from being gang members, but the bouncer made no exceptions, leaving Mike Peters at the Tribune fuming. Pouring on the sarcasm, he writes that Greeley is proud that “Fort Weenie” doesn’t want anyone from Greeley at its “classy” bars, while referencing wounds of the past, such as the time Fort Collins told a mapmaker it wanted a bigger dot than Greeley’s.