Your home is decorated to near perfection, but it needs a little Colorado pride as a finishing touch. You’ve passed on Ikea’s oversized Union Station picture and the Ork poster of Denver’s neighborhoods in the search of something a bit more unique. Enter: Etsy. The online marketplace has no shortage of aspen pictures, Colorado flag blankets, and Broncos coasters. We sifted through the good, the bad, and the ugly (yes, there are a few) to find three Centennial State–themed pieces of art to give your mantel, guest room, or porch a local feel.

Flag Wall Hanging at ColoradoJoes

The ideal item for an office or bar, this made-to-order cedar flag is available in the original blue and white, grayscale, or in a Broncos blue-and-orange color scheme. The hand-stained flag can be hung vertically or horizontally and comes with a polyurethane finish so it can go outside—say, on a back porch. Customize it to almost any size, with or without an oversized C. Prices start at $75.

Brewery Map at GraphicField (pictured above)

We have some of the best breweries in the country—if not the world—so why not hang a map-ode to them on the wall. Get inspired with 27 of Colorado’s hoppiest stops in blue, yellow, or pink ink on a customized map, framed or unframed. Maps start at $15.

Artful Aspens at PennedByC

No two aspens are the same, so neither are the one-of-a-kind ink and watercolor works of Catherine Sunderland-Vis, whose childhood home in Ouray was surrounded by aspens. She imparts the year-round beauty of Colorado’s famous trees onto pieces as small as one-inch-by-one-inch to as large as 16-inches-by-20-inches to fit any blank wall space in your home. Prices vary.

—Images courtesy of the respective artists

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