The new year is in full swing, and now that the holiday decorations have come down (they have, right?), your rooms might be feeling a little empty. Sometimes, all it takes is just one special new touch to bring them to life again. We’ve rounded up four statement pieces—from big (the comfiest sofa we’ve ever curled up on) to small (a blanket to toss on it)—all created right here in Colorado.

What we love most about handmade quilts is that each scrap of fabric seems to have a story to tell. But a Comma Workshop quilt takes the idea a step further, by quite literally telling a story with thread. Each piece has an original story or poem by Boulder designer Kerry Larkin quilted right into it, using freehand “comma cursive”—a lovely script rendered in white and colored thread. Custom quilts are available too—imagine one with your wedding vows or the lyrics to a favorite lullaby. We can’t think of a more perfect gift for yourself or someone dear. “A Perfect Moon” (pictured above), from $695;

sixpenny neva sofa
Denver furniture company Sixpenny’s cloud-like Neva Sofa just might be the world’s coziest perch. Photo courtesy of Sixpenny

We covet just about everything by Denver-based home-furnishing designer, manufacturer, and seller Sixpenny, but our favorite has got to be the minimal-yet-super-poufy Neva Sofa. The secret to its softness: blanket-wrapped cushion construction—that means the down-filled cushions spring right back into shape, if you ever get up. Another smart touch, especially for those with kids and dogs: The cushions are secured to the seat frame with a hook-and-grommet system, so they don’t move unless you want them to. From $1,599; order online at

woolgoblin blanket
The crocheted “My New Favorite Blanket,” by Denver-based WoolGoblin, is trimmed with handmade, faux-fur pompoms. Photo courtesy of WoolGoblin

Self-described “yarn lady” and spreader of coziness Tia Mihelarakis, the Denver artist behind WoolGoblin, makes a wide array of fiber art, from chunky crocheted scarves to wall hangings adorned with colorful scraps of yarn. She’s got a thing for pompoms too, and we love the handmade faux-fur versions on her super-soft, crocheted My New Favorite Blanket (pictured above). Add this to a sofa or bed and you’ve got everything you need for a cozy winter nap. $380;

liz quad accessory
“Get In There And Rest II,” an objet d’art by Boulder ceramicist Liz Quan, is made of porcelain disks but has the irresistible feel and sound of seashells. Photo by Liz Quan

If you’re a regular reader of design magazines, chances are you’ve seen Boulder ceramicist Liz Quan’s spectacular White Coral Pendant light fixtures adorning a grand entryway or spa-like bath. But if your home (or budget) isn’t quite ready for sculpture, you can enjoy Quan’s work on a smaller scale: “Get In There And Rest II,” a trio of rings comprising shell-like, porcelain disks, has the same tactile quality and quiet elegance. Placed on a coffee table, it’s a guaranteed conversation-starter your guests (and you) will just have to touch. Ring sizes range from 3 to 8 inches in diameter; $350;