If you still haven’t made your holiday plans for the day, never fear. You have all day to lounge around, enjoy the day, scarf some barbecue, lay in the sun, and think about where to watch one of the many fireworks displays. And even if you didn’t score tickets to the Rockies fireworks game tonight — always a killer display — you can still squeeze onto the rooftop patio of Lodo’s Bar & Grill or the Tavern Downtown (aka Above the Dove), or simply head to the Riverfront Park neighborhood to watch the show for free. If you do decide to go, I’d recommend heading down early to snag a good spot.

Or you can opt to skip the crowds and head over to Sloan’s Lake, where an annual impromptu show always starts up as locals with (not necessarily legal) fireworks of their own shoot off sparklers around the lake and spend the entire evening sprawled on the grassy lawn with groups of friends and family.

For my part, I’m skipping the huge display on the National Mall this year (we’re in Washington DC visiting family) in favor of a smaller celebration near the local lake and park. Whatever you do, here’s to a happy Fourth of July.