Lingering over a glass of fine grappa at the end of a meal has been an Italian tradition for centuries. And now, thanks to Frasca Food and Wine’s new grappa cart, Boulder diners can enjoy the after-dinner experience with a touch of extra style and grace.

Co-owners Lachlan MacKinnon-Patterson and Bobby Stuckey perfected every detail of the grappa experience before introducing the new feature to their dining room. Stuckey selected an exquisite list of fine digestifs culled from the duo’s forays to the grappa distilleries in Friuli. Then, they eliminated a table and reconfigured the dining room to allow a beautiful hand-carved walnut cart (crafted by local woodworker Paul Hammer), filled with their exclusive selections, to be wheeled to each table.

Diners can savor the comforting Nonino lo Chardonnay Grappa with almond, caramel, and chocolate undertones; the herbaceous and full-bodied Nonino il Merlot Grappa; the lighter, fruitier Ue Nonino (like grappa but distilled with the whole grape), or the long, warm finish of the Amaro di Nonino Quintessentia with a touch of sweet orange. All are served from gorgeous hand-blown bottles made and imported exclusively for Frasca by the Nonino family.

Sip Tip: To get the most out of your Ue Nonino, bring the glass to your nose to take in the aroma, and then take a deep breath before sipping to accentuate the distillate’s nuances.

1738 Pearl St., Boulder, 303-442-6966