More than 20 percent of Colorado’s ski resort visitors will experience the negative effects of high elevation, a fact the St. Regis Hotel in Aspen is taking to heart—er, lung. To combat the vacation downer, St. Regis recently created an “altitude concierge.” The hotel’s chef concierge, Stephanie Madrid, and her staff touch base with guests before arrival to educate them about lessening the effects of elevation—like avoiding rich meals, which can be harder to digest at high elevations, and drinking two to three liters of water each day. If those simple adjustments don’t help, the St. Regis also offers an oxygen lounge in the spa, where guests can get a boost from an oxygen concentrator. The machine delivers the good stuff through nasal prongs ($50 for a spa day pass). Or they can take extra O2 on the go with Oxygen Plus spray cans ($14.95 at Aspen Outfitting Inc. in the lobby). A single can shoots 50 breaths of 95 percent oxygen into skiers’ systems and easily fits into a pocket. Or, if you’re really struggling, opt for an in-room oxygen concentrator ($100 nightly), which will help you with that deep breath when you crack open your wallet.