Car dealer Phil Wolf isn’t the only person in Colorado who has suspicions so deep about President Barack Obama that he’s willing to portray them as potentially offensive stereotypes on a billboard. In fact, the new Obama billboard in Grand Junction makes Wolf’s depiction of the president as a jihadist seem tame by comparison. The latest billboard shows four Obamas: Islamic terrorist Obama, cigar-chomping gangsta Obama, Mexican bandito Obama, and way-gay Obama. The four are seated at a poker table under the headline, “Vote DemocRAT. Join the game.”

“Obviously, there’s some racism in this,” Colorado Democratic Party Chairwoman Pat Waak tells CW2. “But this is just a reflection of the atmosphere we’re in these days, an atmosphere fueled by Rush Limbaugh and other people who encourage us to demonize the other side to no end.”

The Upshot at Yahoo News writes that the billboard “illustrates virtually every attack ever leveled at Obama.”

The person funding the billboard wants to remain anonymous, but the artist, Paul Snover, has come forward to say he’s not at all ashamed of his work, reports KJCT8 News.