The piled-high, foot-long sub gets all the attention, but I’ve always been partial to the more manageable sandwiches of my youth: grilled cheese, bacon-and-egg, tuna, etc. Happily, I’ve discovered several spots that serve these homey lunch treats on a take-out basis.

Vine Street Pub has become my go-to place for grilled cheese. Taking advantage of the make-your-own grilled cheese menu, I typically add tomato and bacon to the stack, but pesto, avocado, and veggies are also available. A few blocks away, the perennially popular Steuben’s delivers a killer bacon-and-egg sandwich on grilled Texas toast directly to your car through the curbside take-out service. (Bolster your order with a side of thin and crispy, skin-on fries.) Finally, across town in Cherry Creek North, Zaidy’s Deli serves a classic, hearty tuna melt (pictured) on rye with albacore tuna, tomato slices, and sweet grilled onion.

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Call ahead and your sandwich will be ready when you arrive.

Vine Street Pub, 1700 Vine St., 303-388-2337

Steuben’s, 523 E. 17th Ave., 303-830-1001

Zaidy’s Deli, 121 Adams St., 303-333-5336