With the Colorado Rapids on a World Cup hiatus since June 10, some of the players are sounding off on the tournament. Several Rapids members have other national allegiances, including defender Julien Baudet, a native of southern France.

Baudet (pictured) tells The Denver Post he’s disappointed in the way his team has unraveled during the World Cup, including an open revolt on a practice field and a performance French media have declared a “state scandal” (via The Associated Press).

“[The French national team] put France on the spot,” Baudet tells the Post. “Is that the image you want to give to young children who are watching the World Cup?”

Other Rapids have felt the burn during the matches, including coach Gary Smith. A native of England, Smith says he’s lucky he hasn’t heard more from the U.S. players about how the States won England’s World Cup group.

Meanwhile, the Rapids are preparing to head back to work tomorrow, traveling to Houston to take on the Dynamo, a team the Rapids have beaten just three times, according to the team’s news site. The Rapids enter the game seeded third in the Western Conference and within striking distance of second-place Real Salt Lake. Having entered the World Cup break with a four-game unbeaten streak, the Rapids need to find a way to keep the momentum going.

“It’s a matter of recapturing that and continuing, and that’s really tough,” Smith tells the Post. “Somehow, some way, we have to get off to a good start.”