Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper is looking to bring some levity and fun to the blizzard. The snowplows are out. The city is doing all humanly possible to respond to the snow. Nature is nature, there’s only so much you can do. So he’s looking for someone to donate sleds for Thursday and Friday.

Hickenlooper wants to sponsor sledding at four parks around the city Thursday, serving hot chocolate and offering sleds to anyone who doesn’t have them.

We all knew the storm was coming. I decided Tuesday afternoon to stock up on groceries and work from home Wednesday. I was glued to 9 News all day which pre-empted regular programming for non-stop blizzard coverage. They did a great job. Both the State and Denver had a plan in place and responded appropriately. We all deserve a snow day now and then. On my block, despite the blizzard, people were out playing with their dogs, having fun. Fun is not a dirty word. I hope someone takes the Mayor up on his suggestion. Sledding is underrated. So is hot chocolate. When nature butts in, it’s best to go along. We’ll all be back at the office soon enough.