Something is wrong with this picture. Funky Buddah owner Christakes Christou is in jail for shooting a burglar during a 3 a.m. robbery attempt at the popular Denver lounge. He is being held for investigation of first-degree assault. What about the “Make My Day Law?” It only applies to homeowners and residents of personal dwellings, not businesses. I don’t see the difference. If I’m working at 7-11 and a robber comes in, I can’t defend myself until I believe I’m in imminent danger of being killed? By the time I make that realization, given the stress of the situation, I doubt I’d be able to react in time. If the robber had a gun or a knife and the inclination, I’d be dead. What if during the manhunt for serial rapist Brent J. Brents, whose face I had seen on TV, he had broken into a store where I was working? Had it been my house, I could shoot him. But at work, I’d have to take my chances he’d beat me up, rape, or kill me . I think business owners and workers who find themselves alone during a robbery should be able to invoke the same defense as a homeowner or resident. What do you think?