When Colin Schroeder does the math, the sum troubles his conscience: A sales rep for a welding-supply business, he travels thousands of miles in a truck (hauling a trailer) that ekes out 13 miles a gallon. So the Wisconsin native is trying to mitigate his impact—by making furniture. Schroeder uses reclaimed wood, beetle-kill pine, and salvaged steel to create custom pieces. That may not eliminate his carbon cloud, but if he can get people to buy furniture made of recycled materials, he figures he’s doing some good. He’s dubbed his line Purpose and Pine. Since December, he’s created more than 25 unique pieces, some of which you can see at the Art on the Rockies festival in Vail (July 10 to 12) and the Firefly Handmade fair in Boulder (July 25 to 26). Here’s hoping he can get there without the truck.