On the phone today from the heartland, en route to Chicago in a tour bus, Jaff from buzzy Brit-band the Futureheads took a few minutes to tell me about their new self-titled album, touring with even-buzzier-band Franz Ferdinand, and what life on a tour bus has been like for them.

“We didn’t really know what to expect from America,” said Jaff, who mans the bass and contributes vocals for the punk-pop quartet. “But we knew there wasn’t much to worry about since we were opening for Franz. People only half listen to the opening band, you know?”

Brothers Barry and Dave Hyde apparently fight constantly, but in a good-natured, perfectly normal brotherly way. But the guys are all happy to be here, happy to have a new record (released in the U.S. October 26) and overall, a jolly busload of late-teen and early-twenties Brits. Many critics thought their live show blew away Franz Ferdinand on their fall tour, so hopes are high for this Saturday’s headlining show at the Larimer Lounge.