Photo Courtesy of Paul Miller. Styling by Kerri Cole

1. Garden Gnome in Yellow, $13, O’Tooles Garden Center
2. Hunter Original Short Gloss Rain Boot in Dark Earth Blue, $160, Zappos
3. Potting Shed Creations Basil, Chives, Oregano Grow Box $54, Rosehouse,
4. Burgon & Ball Giant Wooden Labels for herbs, $5.75 each, the Shop at the Gardens
5. Yellow Tulips, $3 each, the Shop at the Gardens
6. West County Gardener Rose Gloves in Blue, $46, the Shop at the Gardens
7. National Tree Company Garden Accents Antique Watering Can in Green, $34, Target
8. Burgon & Ball Planting Ruler, $59, the Shop at the Gardens
9. Banshu Hamono Koryū Flower Scissors and Pruning Shears, $185 and $210, Moss Pink Flora & Botanicals
10. Ringtail Shear, $37, Sacred Thistle
11. Hori Hori Digging and Weeding Knife, $38, Sacred Thistle
12. Wakefield Black Wall Planter, $30, Wild Flowers
13. Hypoestes Plant, $6, Home Depot
14. Geo Small Planters in Navy, Gray, and Teal, $10 each, Wild Flowers
15. The Bold Dry Garden by Johanna Silver, $35, the Shop at the Gardens
16. Assorted flower seed packets, $2–$6 each, Botanical Interests
17. Burgon & Ball Garden Stainless Hand Fork, $35, Birdsall & Co.
18. Victoria Diva Hat in Mixed Camel, $45, Wallaroo Hat Company

Low on funds or space for gardening tools? An annual membership to the Denver Tool Library ($80) lets you check out all the tools—shovels, rakes, hoes, chainsaws—you need for your projects. Denver Tool Library, 555 Santa Fe Dr., 720-943-4385