This fall, students in the University of Colorado (Denver) Graduate School of Public Affairs are in for a treat. Former Sen. Gary Hart will be teaching.

The program’s mission is to help governments, businesses and nonprofits create strategies for sustainable development, from reducing greenhouse gas emissions to finding ways to be more energy efficient.

In addition to teaching, Hart said he will work with faculty as early as this spring on conferences and seminars. He and his students also will collaborate with the city of Denver on a yet-to-be-determined project.

Sen. Hart has exceptional experience for the job:

While in the U.S. Senate, he served 12 years on the environment committee. He has written more than a dozen books, and in 2001, he earned a doctor of philosophy degree from Oxford University, where he was a visiting fellow and lecturer. He also has lectured at Yale University and the University of California.

Now, how do we get UCD to allow the class to be audited by non-students?