How many times have you stopped for a lunch and a beer at mid-mountain and landed on two possibilities: Keep wearing my stiff ski boots through the cafe line or just rip them off and walk around in my socks. Neither is really a good option, and that’s precisely when Julie Adams, a single mom and former attorney from Highlands Ranch, began brewing the idea for Aprés Gear‘s Pakems.

These lightweight, insulated, rubber soled booties pack into a 2.5-inch bag and weigh between 6.3 and 6.7 ounces. Available in a high-top (for deeper snow) and low-top styles, the rip stop material is breathable and has a DWR (durable water repellant) coating to keep your socks dry. A loop at the back of the shoe allows for an easy carabiner to backpack attachment, and a removable strap on the Pakems storage bag can be used as a ski boot carrying device.

The two-week old company debuted at Denver’s SIA Snow Show last week. Adams says as people stopped by the booth, each one had a different use for Pakems. Obviously, the ski boot to aprés ski happy hour transitions would be much more comfortable, but the ideas kept coming. From people looking to shed hiking boots around the campfire to commuters searching for the perfect shoe to get them from the Light Rail to the office in a snowstorm, Adams says the possibilities keep evolving.

Black and gray models of the shoes are currently available at the Aprés Gear website for $60 (low-top) and $70 (high-top). Four new color combinations will hit the market this fall when Pakems begin popping up at retail stores.

—Image courtesy of Aprés Gear

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