Sure, Coloradans love a multiday cycling trip or a local day-spin in the city. But what if you clipped in for a cause? The Denver Rescue Mission is gearing up to break the cycle of hunger with a 913-mile bike trip from Denver to Phoenix. The six-person squad, including President and CEO Brad Meuli, will hit the pavement on May 31.

The 11-day trip includes climbs over Kenosha Pass, Chambers Pass, and a 30-mile ascent to Payson, Arizona (with one rest day). The riders will arrive in Phoenix on June 10, just in time for the centennial 2013 Annual Convention of the Association of Gospel Rescue Mission. The team’s goal is to raise $38,400, which will provide 20,000 meals to be distributed at the Denver Rescue Mission’s shelters and rehabilitation centers, including the Crossing, Champa House, and the Lawrence Street Shelter. The proceeds will also benefit the outreach program for men at the Wellington Harvest Farm—a 209-acre homestead where participants become caretakers of honeybees, the vegetable garden, greenhouse, crops, and livestock, including goats and cattle.

Get Involved: Help the team provide 20,000 meals to those in need by making an online donation (the cost of one meal is $1.92), and raise awareness for the cause via social media.

—Image courtesy of Denver Rescue Mission