Charities that hep kids are nothing new. But what about a foundation that also teaches kids to give back?

The Denver Active 20/30 Children’s Foundation has raised $1.2 million for Denver’s most at-risk kids this year, and more than $9 million in their 25 years of business. During the year, the foundation raises money by collecting donations and hosting events. Then, the group partners with charities like Advocates for Children and Colorado Youth at Risk who use the money to support specific endeavors.

Each year the foundation hosts its annual Christmas For Kids event, which allows 150 children from a specific program (this year it’s Denver Kids), to buy holiday gifts for their families. The youngsters meet at the Glendale Target, where they are given a budget, a shopping buddy, and instructions that they can only purchase gifts for family members, not themselves.

But, unbeknownst to the kids, the adults at the foundation have a surprise of their own. When the shopping is done, the kids are ushered out to the parking lot, where Santa makes a dramatic entrance via helicopter. “The kids just basically annihilate Santa. They just run to him, it’s an absolute blast,” media coordinator David Craig says. Santa mingles with the kids, doling out presents like Nuggets tickets, Broncos hats, and other gifts from sponsors. “These kids fight the good fight everyday and they deserve to be recognized,” Craig says. “That’s what this event is about.”

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