For many city residents, neighborly bonding typically ends with a quick wave and a smile as you dash out the door on your way to work. Beef up the camaraderie with a cookout and a few beers during Denver Days, the inaugural weeklong event dedicated to strengthening bonds within the community. From August 3 to 11, local residents and organizations are encouraged to organize block parties, carry out park or street clean-ups, plant community gardens, and host school supply and food drives throughout the city.

Presented by the City of Denver, Mayor Michael B. Hancock describes the event as a way to honor Denver’s ancestors, who banded together to build a portion of the Transcontinental Railroad—using their own time and money—in the 1860s. “We’d like to take a week to remember those who made today and a global tomorrow possible,” says Hancock.

There are currently more than 130 registered events, with new service projects and social events added daily. While majority of the events are independently organized, the City of Denver has partnered with local volunteers for a Community Brush-Off graffiti removal party along Federal Boulevard to kick things off August 3.

Get Involved: Check out Denver’s municipal website for a list of events throughout the city. Don’t see an event in your neighborhood? Organize your own block party or service project and register on the web, or email

—Image courtesy of the Office of the Mayor