Kathy Lee of Modern Gingham Preserves relies heavily on CSA surplus and donated fruit to make her locally sourced jams and marmalades. Throughout the year, Lee meets with local residents and schedule a harvest of their fruit once it’s ripe and ready for use. If you have a berry bush or fruit tree on your property and just can’t use it all, Lee will gladly take the bounty off your hands and give you a jar of her gourmet jams in return. (Even if you’re not sure which type of fruit you have growing in your yard, Lee will stop by and make a quick assessment.)

She’ll even pick up extra zucchini and tomatoes. And she’s always in search of rhubarb, plums (particularly Italian plums), mulberries, sweet cherries, peaches, nectarines, and apricots.

Get Involved: Contact Kathy Lee at Kathy@ModernGingham.com to donate your produce for currently ripe trees or next year’s harvest.

—Image courtesy of Rachel Nobrega