In Uganda—a country ravaged by AIDS and extreme poverty—paying tuition and buying supplies and uniforms for a child to attend school is often unattainable. The situation is dire enough to make anyone want to do something to help. Like, 15-year-old Haidyn Harvey.

Harvey, who lives in Denver, often writes her school reports about war-stricken Uganda and Sudan. She first learned about the difficulties Africans face in the 5th grade. “I was struck by how a girl my age could have so much less than me,” she says. “I went home after that day and I told my mom I wanted to do something to help.”

And she did. Harvey started her own organization, Give Hope a Chance, with the intent of providing care to those suffering in Africa, while also educating the general public about the monumental needs of the people. She aspires to someday build her own school for African children and to become a journalist to cover the ever-changing situations in Africa.

Get Involved: Attend the Give Hope a Chance Fundraiser at Fun City on May 6 at 2 p.m. For $20, you can play unlimited laser tag, take on a grand prix raceway, climb a rock wall, and swing away at miniature golf. “I want people to understand that they can still help people while having fun,” Harvey says. All proceeds benefit the Kusasira Tuition Program in Seeta, Uganda. To donate to Harvey’s cause, click here.

—Image coutesy of Haidyn Harvey