What’s the best way to keep kids fit? A local school thinks it has some answers. Greenwood Academy was recently chosen to be one of five national finalists who have a chance at winning $25,000 through the Henkel Helps Get Kids Fit program, beating out hundreds of schools to secure the spot. If it wins, the school will use the prize money to build an outdoor workout facility that has 10-12 different stations. Each station will have fun exercise obstacles that each kid must run around, climb over, or be active on, before being quizzed about healthy living. The key to getting to the next obstacle is to answer each question correctly. Gold stars are rewarded to track their progress, a concept which gets them personally involved in their own success and keeps the kids motivated.

Music instructor Angela Walker entered her school in the contest. In her submission, she pointed out ways Greenwood Academy was making a difference in kids’ health, such as with programs to teach them about healthy eating. But she also realizes that much work remains. “Staff members volunteer after school for girls running programs, which helps target female self esteem issues,” she says. “This, however, is just not enough. Our students need an area to play in and exercise in.”

Greenwood students produced this video to show the public how much they want to win the funding to create more exercise space. “Can you imagine the level of excitement we could create in our community about fitness?” Walker asks. “I can, and it will be great.”

Get Involved: Vote for Greenwood Academy here. Voting closes December 7th—spread the word.

—Image courtesy of Greenwood Academy