Boulder-based band Leftover Salmon is bringing their bluegrass-n-rock grooves back on the road for another jam-stomping tour—but they’re not just playing music. Conscious Alliance, a Colorado-based nonprofit, has teamed with the musicians to raise money to provide hunger relief to communities. The group collects and distributes food, and maintains year-round emergency food pantries in places such as Shannon County’s Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, which has the second-lowest income level in the country.

So, what’s the connection to music? Conscious Alliance seeks out graphic artists from across the United States and Canada to create limited edition concert posters for their Art That Feeds Food Drive, which sets up at bands’ tour stops. Illustrators donate these show-specific images to Conscious Alliance, and permit them to print and distribute the images. At each music performance, show attendees give cash or non-perishables in exchange for a poster.

For Leftover Salmon’s 2013 winter leg, Christopher Shaw, Denver local and owner of Whiskeyfoot Prints, created a screen print of a large smoked Salmon hanging by a hook over the stage. The poster has a vintage style, but won’t look too groovy for a modern living room.

Get Involved: Pick up a print at Leftover Salmon’s shows at Telluride’s Sheridan Opera House (February 26 and 27) or at Belly Up Aspen (February 28).

—Image courtesy of Conscious Alliance