An object’s value changes when you own it—especially when you built it or restored it to its full glory. That’s the feeling Lucky Bikes Re-Cyclery is trying to instill in Denver’s youth and their families.

Lucky Bikes is a youth-run, nonprofit community bike shop off West Jewell Avenue in southwest Denver. Opening on April 1, the shop will employ youth who have been through the Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder bicycle maintenance courses and allow them to learn the foundations of running a shop while rehabilitating donated bicycles to sell. Lucky Bikes will be home to a full-service bike shop in addition to selling soft cycling goods from local companies like Primal Wear.

An adult will be on-hand to supervise repairs and the everyday running of the shop, but make no mistake that it’s the kids getting the rides rolling. “We’re not selling $3,000 bikes here,” Christi Stafford, the executive director of Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder, says. “We are selling bikes for first time riders to be used for recreation or transportation.” Kids are the first priority for receiving low-cost revamped bicycles, but their parents are important, too, as it’s better for the entire family to be riding bikes together.

Donate Your Used Bicycles: Lucky Bikes is already looking for used bicycles to start refreshing for new owners. Drop off your well-loved two-wheelers at the shop, but remember this motto when you’re evaluating if it can be fixed: Dusty, not rusty.

Lucky Bikes Re-Cyclery, 3150 W. Jewell Ave., 303-362-3086,

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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