At just over a year old, Broomfield’s MuttSavers Rescue isn’t much older than the puppies the nonprofit saves. But through a network of families who foster and adopt mutts, dogs that would end up wandering the streets or perpetually in shelters are placed in permanent homes.

The organization, which also works with older dogs, runs mostly on volunteer help and director Sue Reed’s willpower. She finds each dog a foster family, who keeps it in a home environment for a week rather than a kennel with dozens of other dogs. Then, every Saturday, interested adopters can come meet the dogs and take them home.“Sending these dogs to good homes is the best part of my job,” Reed says. “When you have these super, super great people get their dog and write to me to tell me how wonderful and great it is, that’s the best.”

The foster program allows dogs to become socialized with children, other dogs, or just new people. Plus, during the week, MuttSavers learns what kind of environment would be the best fit for the dog. “Having them in your home teaches them the skills of living with a family and shows them how nice that is, since many of them never have,” Reed says. “They get the socialization they need and thrive on.”


DONATE: MuttSavers accepts money donations or gently used toys, kennels, leashes, collars, food, and other doggie supplies. Donations can be made in person at PetCo events or online.

MEET THE MUTTS: Go to the Broomfield PetCo (12163 Sheridan Boulevard) on Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Pictures of available mutts are posted on the group’s Facebook page for prospective adopters.Visit the website for more information about adoption.

—Image courtesy of Becca Weiss