Chivalry is alive and well—and if you live in Aurora, you can help prove it this winter.

Every year, the city of Aurora matches up elderly residents with volunteers who will shovel their sidewalks after storms through a program called Snow Busters. The neighborhood-based program requires that both parties live within two miles of each other, so it’s an easy, economical way to make a difference in your own community.

“The recipients are very grateful for the assistance that Snow Busters provide,” says Susan Everett, director of Aurora Volunteer Center. “Many are homebound and have a dificult time getting out to doctor’s appointments, so it provides them with peace of mind to know that their sidewalk will be shoveled when they need to leave the house.”

To receive the service, you must be a resident of Aurora, have limited financial resources, be unable to shovel your own sidewalk, and either more than 60 years old or have a disability. In addition to the two-mile distance requirement, volunteers must agree to shovel the resident’s home within 24 hours of a storm, and be available for one full snow season. Each year, about 50 residents are paired with volunteers, and there is always a waiting list—so get those applications in now.

Get Involved: Seniors needing assistance should contact Aurora Volunteer Center at (303) 739-7492. Volunteers can call or fill out an online application here. Don’t live in Aurora? Knock on the door of an elderly neighbor and see if you can help out.

—Image courtesy of Shutterstock