Many people think of volunteering as a one-time deal: cleaning up a highway, serving food at a shelter, or investing sweat equity building a home. These are all fantastic opportunities to help, but many nonprofits could use your professional skills, too.

Metro Volunteers offers skills-based volunteer programs, and it’s super easy to get involved. First, take a look at the volunteer calendar on their website to find projects you’re interested in and that are a good fit for you. Then create a volunteer profile. Once that’s done, you’ll have access to skills-based volunteer job descriptions. Some are one-time opportunities; others are ongoing (those are listed as Volunteer Positions.) Browse through the listings until you find a good match. More than 350 nonprofit members from the community post projects and volunteer opportunities here—so no matter what your specialty is, you’re bound to find something.

“We have a lot of nonprofits that can’t necessarily afford a full-time accountant or payroll person, so going in and offering your services for an hour a week can get them on the right track. Or maybe you have a great PR background and can do great editing or help with marketing,” says Director of Events and Marketing Sally Hallingstad.

Another option, geared toward corporations, is Days of Service. If a company wants to do a project, Metro Volunteers will set up a service day for groups. They’ll figure out what needs to be done, buy the supplies, and provide lunch. All company volunteers have to do is show up and do the work. “Everybody wants to help out in their communities, they just might not have the time to organize it,” Hallingstad says.

Get Involved: For more details about skills-based volunteering or setting up a Day of Service, contact Metro Volunteers at 303-282-1234.

Bonus: Metro Volunteers is hosting an event for National Family Volunteers Day on November 17 at Manual High School in Denver. From 8 to 11 a.m., families can participate in volunteer projects, and speak with 20 nonprofits.

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