This month at Strange Craft Beer Company, downing your drink could help save the life of a breast cancer patient, or at least contribute to the discovery of a cure for the disease.

As part of their “Strangers Helping Strangers” program, Strange Craft is pairing up with the American Cancer Society (ACS) during the month of October to raise funds and awareness. Though the spirit of giving simply runs in the taps at Strange Craft, which supports a different non-profit each month, the October beneficiary is especially dear to the Strange Craft family, who lost their friend Heather Clarke to breast cancer in September 2014. While they’ve brewed Heather’s Pale Ale in the month of September the past three years, this year they waited to tap the keg until October to coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For each pint of Heather’s Pale Ale sold in October, the brewery will donate one dollar to the ACS.

Strange Craft will end its cancer-kicking month with an event on October 26. The brewery will team up with four other breweries for the Kill the Cancer event at Falling Rock Taphouse. Each brewery donates one keg of beer, and the kegs are then tapped in quick succession to see how quickly the beer can disappear in order to raise money for various cancer organizations. Strange Craft will be contributing a keg of Heather’s Pale Ale, and representatives from the cancer organizations will be in attendance.

While Heather’s Pale Ale is doing a lot of good this month, it is the creation of the Strangers Helping Strangers program itself that is perhaps the greatest legacy Heather left behind at Strange Craft. Strange Craft owner Tim Myers and his Strange Craft family decided in January of this year that they didn’t have to limit their generosity to just one month. Thus the Strangers Helping Strangers program was born, benefitting a different nonprofit each month with a specialty beer and meet-and-greet held at the brewery. Myers says they plan to continue the tradition, and carry on Heather’s legacy, far into the future. “We’re just trying to raise a little awareness and do a little good,” says Myers.

We’ll drink to that.