With more than 120 (and counting) digital health companies, Colorado is getting its share of the $4 billion health tech industry. Cue Prime Health, a Denver-based nonprofit that connects tech companies with Colorado’s health-care system to help increase the success of digital health products. What began as a monthly meet-up group in 2012 is now the state’s first third-party validator of digital health products: Together with the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus and the Colorado School of Public Health, Prime identifies systemic needs, invites qualified digital health companies to provide solutions, and tests each company’s product for efficacy in clinical settings. Feedback in hand, innovators can improve their technologies while Prime teaches company leaders how to find investors and other funding sources. “Denver has been identified as the sixth most significant digital health cluster in the United States,” says Prime Health CEO Jeffrey Nathanson. “Colorado has a unique DNA of collaborative efforts. That’s not available elsewhere.”